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18th of June

A Career in Khaki

In 2002, Fraser Logan took a summer job as a reservist in the Canadian military. He spent the next eight years in the reserve. He jokes, “I never had to worry about what to wear to work every day. It was khaki.”

Fraser Logan


Upon completion of his public relations diploma in 2006, it only made sense that Fraser searched for an internship with a military or paramilitary organization.

Thus, he applied for a practicum with the Edmonton Police. That’s leverage!

Leveraging this practicum, Fraser’s next step was to apply as a public affairs officer with the Canadian Forces. That, in turn, led to his current job as media operations officer with the Department of National Defense.  Do you notice the consistent military theme?

“No two days are the same,” explains Fraser. “There’s news aplenty on a 24/7 basis in the military. One day I am on the phone with a grieving widow of a vet. The next day I am speaking to the media about a soldier who has gone missing while on a run in the Edmonton river valley. No two days are alike.”

Lest we think Fraser’s job is all about loss and grief, he notes the community outreach activities he attends as a representative of the military; such events as the Indy and Capital Ex.

“For every fun day I put in, I more than make up for it when a crisis arrives and the media is clamoring for a story.”

Fraser has the following advice for junior communications professionals wanting to build a higher profile within an organization. “Play the Devil’s Advocate. Think like a manager, think like an employee, think like the media and think like an outsider.” Multiple perspectives enrich your decision making and make you a better communications advisor.

Combining the perspectives of a reservist, an intern, a public affairs officer and now a media operations officer, Fraser has leveraged a career in khaki.

Fraser Logan is a media operations officer at the Department of National Defense. He’s a former student of mine in Edmonton, Alberta.


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