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25th of June

The Capital Power of Kate

Capital Power provides electricity to the City of Edmonton. And Kate Lister provides power to her employer…the power of effective internal communications.

Kate Lister

As communications consultant for employee communications at Capital Power (formerly EPCOR), Kate works on employee newsletters, the Intranet, and events. Last year, Kate organized the move to the new corporate building to floors 20 through 28 of the new EPCOR Tower building, Edmonton’s newest office structure in 20 years.

Her work at EPCOR/Capital Power is diverse. “I started out in customer communications, moved to community consultation and public engagement and I’m now in internal communications.”

This diverse portfolio works well for Kate. “The landscape of communications is rapidly changing. It’s important to keep your skills up to date.”

While on a maternity leave, Kate dedicated a year to serve as chapter president for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). She’s quite passionate about the benefits of participation in this professional association. In addition to the monthly professional development events, there are networking events and mixers.

“Networking is hard for most people. But the more you do the easier it gets. IABC helped me grow my career network.”

IABC is also a great source for research and references. “The more connections you make the better. You just never know who will open a door for an internship, contract, referral or job opening.”

Kate’s first career connection was at the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) where she did her internship.

“Position yourself in a small organization. You’ll get to do everything.”

She was involved in all aspects of member communications for the professional association. Her supervisor was Ron Kustra, a former journalist and then director of Public Affairs at AMA.

“I remember submitting my first piece of writing to Ron and it came back savaged. I was devastated. He just took it totally apart. I was shocked but I sucked it up and learned a lot!”

As testimony to her career advancement, consider her IABC Gold Quill Award in 2004 and IABC Capital Awards of Merit in 2005, 2006 and 2008.

That’s powerful. Capital powerful.

Kate Lister is a colleague of mine in Edmonton, Alberta.



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