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Communications plan for the Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) degree

Target audience: Prospective students and their parents
Objective: To launch and promote McEwan University’s newest degree


Constructed on the foundation of comprehensive market research and competitive analysis, this communication plan included goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to launch MacEwan University’s newest degree, the Bachelor of Communication Studies.


Communications plan for APEGGA

Target audiences: Professional engineers, geologists and geophysicists
Objective: To raise the profile of the three professions and to reinforce the value of membership


Constructed on the solid foundation of research (a comprehensive member survey, permit holder survey and general public survey) this five-year communication plan included goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and messages to advocate for and enhance the value of membership in Alberta’s largest professional association. Monitoring and evaluation included detailed benchmarking.


Communications plan for the Institute for Professional Development (IPD) at the University of Alberta

Target audiences: Academic researchers, grant providers, research partners, professionals and Faculty and University senior administrators
Objectives: To brand and launch a new research undertaking and market research services


Featuring a detailed audience analysis, the communication plan for IPD included mission, vision, core functions, objectives, messages and promotional strategies. 

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