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Media relations plan and searchable speakers database

Target audience: Local, provincial and national media
Objective: To raise the profile of the Faculty of Engineering


To raise profile and attract more media traffic, a media relations plan and online Speakers’ Bureau boosted the Faculty of Engineering media ratings.


UofA Researchers find new source of energy news release

Target audiences: International, national and local media
Objective: To raise awareness of the groundbreaking research at the Faculty of Engineering


This media announcement generated considerable media interest in the U.S., U.K. and around the world and received the 2004 Capital Award of Merit from the International Association of Business Communicators. It was featured on national CBC radio and many daily newspapers across Canada and print and broadcast outlets around the world. Media monitoring recorded 78 articles in print, 63 radio and television spots and 60 Internet articles in a monitoring period of  seven days (October 22-28, 2003)—a total of 201 “hits.” Content analysis of the media coverage indicated positive and accurate coverage.

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