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Feature articles

Target audience: Alumni
Objective: Alumni engagement


Feature articles served to promote the accomplishments of the alumni if the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta and at MacEwan University.


Annual reports

Target audiences: Provincial government officials, other funders, board and executive and partners
Objective: Progress and financial reports


Annual reports served to promote the annual business outcomes of BioProducts Alberta.


Student recruitment materials, MacEwan University

Target audiences: Prospective students and their parents
Objective: Recruitment


Recruitment brochures served to increase enrolment in the Professional Writing, Journalism and, Design programs at MacEwan University.


Student recruitment materials, inserts, Co-op materials for the Faculty of Engineering

Target audiences: Prospective students and employers
Objectives: Recruitment , field placement and employment


A range of print publications served undergraduate, graduate and PhD faculty recruitment at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Materials included student handbook, Engineering Co-op handbook, employer handbook and discipline-specific promotional materials.


The U of A Engineer Alumni magazines

Target audiences: Alumni and donors
Objectives: Fund development and donor engagement


The UofA Engineer, the alumni publication for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta was published three times a year, distributed to 18,500 readers worldwide and received a 2004 Silver Leaf Award of Merit from the International Association of Business Communicators.

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