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The art of persuasive communication

Do you want to be more persuasive in your workplace, social sphere or political circle? You may be surprised to know that the art of persuasion goes back to the ancient Greeks. You will learn a simple four-step method to boost your influence at work, with friends and in your community.

Change management/communicating for change

Change just happens….or does it? Change is a process that must be managed and change-related communication is fundamental. Whether you are leading the change, adapting to change or resisting it mightily, learn how to better cope with change.

Crisis communication

Bad things can happen even in good organizations. An immediate and transparent response is required. Yet, how to manage liability and regain trust? The best crisis plan builds on a solid foundation of reputation management. Learn how the two concepts are related.

Effective speeches and presentations

The fear of public speaking ranks up there with a visit to the dentist. Effective speakers know that practice reduces anxiety and builds confidence. Learn how to craft speeches and presentations that win audience acclaim.

Event planning

Events are one of the most effective ways an organization can strengthen relationships with members or customers, the media and the community. Yet events are costly and resource-intensive. An event plan will solicit audience appreciation at annual general meetings, donor recognition events and grand openings.

Face-to-face communication

In today’s age of digital communication, we face one another less frequently. Yet, we are missing the richest way to interact with co-workers, friends and family. Put down those digital tools and let’s interact! You will identify your own communication style, its strengths and liabilities and will be able to identify the communication styles and preferences of your boss, partner or coworker. Adapting communication style to your audience creates more effective communications.

Group communication

Do groups always form, norm then storm? Some groups are stormier than others! Learn the roles of an effective group leader and the active duties of participants. Adapt good protocols and practices that bring sunshine to group dynamics.

Handling email overload

Drowning in email? Email overload is the most frequently heard complaint in business today. Properly managed, email can be a cost-effective and fast tool, bridging geography and time zones. Develop effective email practices and protocols.

Intercultural and cross-cultural communication

Today’s workplaces are incredibly diverse…and growing in diversity. Do you have cross-generational communication issues? How are you managing relationships across genders, cultures and ages? Differences can be destructive or enriching. Learn both theory and practice.

Leadership and management communication

Leaders are made not born. Leadership is a skill like any other and can improve with training. Effective leadership absolutely depends on effective communication. Yet how many managers are promoted for technical capability alone and fail on people skills? When you think of the most charismatic leaders: Opra, Kennedy, Diefenbaker, and Ghandi….what do they have in common? The ability to inspire followers through effective communication.

Listening skills

So you think you are an effective listener? Take a listening questionnaire and you may be surprised to know that most of us are rather lazy listeners. Why? Listening takes concentration and time…in short supply in busy workplaces. Polish your listening skills and increase your communication effectiveness.

Media relations

Front page news. Every organization wants to be featured (positively) in major media. Making news is easy….if there is a disaster. But how do you get the good news out about your organization or cause? Traditional media is dying…or not? New and emerging media offer cost-effective ways to get your messages to those that matter.

Meeting management

Meetings bloody meetings! How many meetings do you attend with dread? Learn how to make meetings more effective. Enhance your role as a meeting leader or participant. Make meetings matter.

Organizational conflict

Competitive forces outside an organization are inevitable, That’s the marketplace. But competitive forces within an organization can bring business to a standstill and lead to burn out, absenteeism and turnover. What are the common sources of organizational conflict and how can conflict be better managed?

Organizational climate and culture

When customers or employees walk into your organization do they sense sun or rain? Organizational climates can be classified as cool or warm. Neither good nor bad, but climate must ”fit” your employees and customers or dysfunction occurs. How can you convey the culture of your organization to inspire customer loyalty and employee engagement?

Team building and communication

Few complex projects are completed with a staff of one. Complex work relies on teams, centrally located or geographically distributed. What makes some teams high flyers and others not? Selective recruitment, role clarification and strong project management can turn duds into winners.

Writing Skills

Written words have power to charm, inspire, and motivate. Would you like to be more persuasive in your writing? Learn how to turn your bright ideas into words and actions.



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